Experiential Learning

Virtual Learning Environment?


Bringing the outside world into the classroom. How?

Learning environment refers to the diverse physical locations, contexts, and cultures in which students learn (Glossary of Education Reform, 2013).

I believe that the ‘stiff’ learning environment affect both the teacher and the learners in term of engagement. The learner is confined within the four walls which restrict them to explore more on their surrounding. ‘Curriculum is anything that surrounds us’. They might lose focus due to lack of exposure and isolated from the outside world of their classroom. The Internet has given us the way of bringing the outside world to both the teacher and the learners, through what we seldom call, ‘virtual environment’. In teaching and learning, the terms online learning seems to be popular at every stage of the learners, due to the level of internet penetration in most of the countries and the availability and the advancement of the ‘mobile gadget’.

Perhaps the best way to bring in the outside world into the classroom now is by designing the virtual learning environment because nowadays, this is what users like most. By expanding the learning environment parameter, will enable the learners to gain insight and synthesize. What say you?

Glossary of Education Reform (2013). Learning Environment. Retrieved from https://www.edglossary.org/learning-environment/

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