Do you agree if I say “General System Theory is a foundation of instructional design”?

by Andrea Cambridge-Gonzales saved to Liminal Space & Instructional Design Cynthis Occelli describes a liminal state.

Do you agree if I say, instead of learning theory, general system theory is a foundation of instructional design. Thanks to James Swanson for his video entitled System Thinking. Bertalanffy (1968 p.19) mentioned “Application of the analytical procedure depends on two conditions. The first is that the interaction between “parts” is non-existence or weak enough to be neglected for certain research purposes. Only under this condition, can the parts be “work out,” actually, logically and mathematically, and then be “put together.” I remember on most of the operational definition of instructional design focuses on the interaction of task within or between parts. The scenario will either improve the overall planning structure of the program or will reduce the risk of failures in the planning of the program.

Watch the video by James Swanson for his video entitled System Thinking

Video source: james swanson
Published on Oct 30, 2014
A new Dipstick Studio animation for a Systems Thinking client


Bertalanffy, L.V. (1968).  General System Theory – Foundations Development Applications. NY, USA: George Braziller, Inc.

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