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Malaysian Delight … “Kuih Kochi”

What do you have for your breakfast and evening ‘snack’? Have you heard about one of the famous Malaysian delights; “Kuih Kochi”? “[Kuih]: pronounced as ‘Kue’ or the closest word in English […]

Microlearning for all

What is microlearning? How can it benefit all learners? How can it contribute to the instructional design process?Learners nowadays are considered smart. They are more intelligent in acquiring information. Information is everywhere, […]

Application of Micro-learning In Structured OER (SOER) for Online Learning

Zahari Mohamad Zahili In today’s world, learners who are rapid in a self-pacing, tight schedule, and involves in a multiple tasks job are in favour to types of learning that […]

Open learning from my layman eyes

Open learning is an innovative movement in education that emerged in the 1970s and evolved into fields of practice and study. The term refers generally to activities that either enhance learning opportunities within […]

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