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My Rocking Chair

The story of a rocking chair Mid-Journey Ai ExperienceThe rocking chair continued to be a symbol…

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SCORM Sequencing Technique in Educational Website Development

Presented in International Conference on Education (ICE) 2007 – 21 – 24 May 2007

A Quest for CSCL framework

Students’ Cultural Perception towards the design of the ICDM

Embedding Visual Effects In 3d Animated Environment Design For Short Movie

Lifelong Education: Orientation of the Past and the Challenges of the Future in

Thinking skills have been highlighted in the new education system in Nagara Brunei Darussalam (SPN21) to…

Welcome to TMSOL

TMSOL is designed and developed for any young learners, adult learners, or any interest group who…

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B.F. Skinner and the Teaching Machine

What does Skinner say about teaching with technology? Let’s explore and learn. H5P Content: Design and…

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Have you watched Chimpanzee draw?

Sometimes it is hard to say the value of art if we compare the art produce…

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Why Do I need Instructional Design?

What is instructional design (ID)? Why do we need it? Who are the individuals who need…

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Malaysian Delight … “Kuih Kochi”

What do you have for your breakfast and evening ‘snack’? Have you heard about one of…

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