Open learning from my layman eyes

Open learning is an innovative movement in education that emerged in the 1970s and evolved into fields of practice and study. The term refers generally to activities that either enhance learning opportunities within […]

Kinetic Art..let’s explore the term

Kinetic art is art that depends on motion for its effects. This has been partly to explore the possibilities of movement, partly to introduce the element of time, partly to reflect the importance […]

The cycle of skill & knowledge (s/k) in the learning process

I’m just wondering, as a teacher, my function is to make sure my student achieves my expectations, a learning objective. Still, at the same time, I also think that my student also […]

SDG on ICT in Education in the Malaysian Context. A Short Review

ICT can improve the pedagogy and the learning outcomes in many ways such as through the development of skill, creation of new services, innovation and automation. Venturing in ICT is vital in […]

“Artist Playground”…A Pre-launch…

“Artist Playground” denotes the coexistence of the imagination of the artist between nature and man. It may also manifest a reflection of the artist’s mind on its surroundings. This outstanding exhibition participated […]

Principles of Design – OER in COL

Title: Principles of Design Download the module here Abstract This course covers design principles for web and helps to develop website balanced with aesthetic values and usability. It is part of the […]

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