Art Appreciation 101


      What is art? Do you believe that art is always by your side? Or sometimes it is hiding in your heart and mind? Art can be the most essential representation that portrays human beings through the ages. It can be on your dress, it can be anything that surrounds you.
A picture worth a thousand words. Implicitly, art can interact with us, how?  Picasso said “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not” (BrainyQuotes, n.d.). The interaction occurs when we are observing it. We will give the reaction, some of us might just ignore it, but some of us might see and analyze it. Just imagine you are looking at an advertisement or watching movies or listening to the music. How do you feel? Sometimes we will get immersed in it and build our understanding of the art object that we look and feel.

Gombrich (1961) suggesting three claims about pictures: “We are sometimes visually aware of picture surfaces as such“(uncontroversial claim). However, things get more controversial on another two claims; “We are sometimes visually aware of the contents of pictures while looking and them, and “We are never visually aware of both the picture surface as such and the content of the picture at the same time” (cited in Kulvicki, 2014 p. 14)


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