Online Delivery System – Skill And Time Matters

IMG_E9327Do you know that in online learning, two main factors that will affect their learning activities is a time spend and skill?

Justification of the study

Learning time can be established through time allocated to the student and their willingness to spend the time for their learning activity. Instructors should consider two critical factors; 1) actual time spend and 2) time needed by the students to determine their degree of learning (Ritchey 1986:76). So in designing the interface for online learning, designers should consider numbers of the task to be laid out and their access time. “The time spent is a function of two variables. First is the opportunity to learn, the time which is allocated for the students to learn. The second aspect is the perseverance of the students. The time the students willing to spend on the learning activity” (Carrol, cited in Ritchey 1986).


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Figure 1: Interaction between students, computer (interface design) and WWW

A sample of 148 students from various study programs who registered in three educational technology courses is asked to access from anywhere, any place within 14 weeks. In this period respondents are expected to download their course material, analyse and digest it before the lecture. After 14 weeks, a survey questionnaire is disseminate to respondents for feedbacks on items as listed in Figure 1.


1. In Online Success Skills, students can compare and synthesise information while using in their learning activity
2. Traditionally, in Learner Success Skills, students are able to use the information in their teaching and learning critically. 
3. can be used as a thinking tool due to its ability to “deliver the content in line with the way of the student’s thinking” (Higbee, 1977:43).
4. If we measure the findings with Carrol Model (Richey 1986), the actual time needed by the students is ten weeks while the actual time for the students to spend is 14 weeks. The findings show that the students are willing to spend their time at least ten times in 10 weeks to access and the most is 20 times in 10 weeks.


Zahari Hamidon, Raja Maznah Raja Hussein & Abdullah Mohd Noor (2009).Online Delivery System – Skill And Time Matters. In Proceedings The 2nd Annual Forum in e-Learning Excellence in The Middle East 2009,  Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE, Organized by e-TQM College, Dubai, UAE, 26-29 January 2009

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