Can the video teach?

I’m just curious, without teacher or facilitator, can the video teach? What triggers the learner to learn through video? How can the learning occur through video?

In online learning, the type of content presented to the learner needs to be engaging and with at least a medium interactivity. I believe, with proper use of pedagogy, the video can be a useful learning tool that enable the learners to learn, even though without a teacher in front.

Perhaps, the crucial task for educators is on the design part. As an educator, the medium itself is not sufficient. The beauty of the instructional video depends on how well we include the right pedagogy. So what type of pedagogy is appropriate for instructional video. The main component that has a direct link to pedagogy regarding instructional video is engagement.

The research literature on engagement demonstrates that student success involves both institutional, pedagogical, and student responsibilities (McInnis, 2003 as cited in Burton, Brown, Dashwood & Lawrence  (2013 p. 22)

The key pedagogical principles focused on teaching‐learning arrangements and methods, relationship to pupils and learning environment (Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation, n.d.).

The images below shows part of the video that has been enhanced by including the learning activity on checking the learner’s understanding.video_image.001

Enhanced Video with CC license parked in myINSPIRE (LMS) Open University Malaysia.

The overall video structure should reflect the learning approach for examplevideo_image.002

Instructional strategy for instructional video

Perhaps with proper planning, if the video structure is planned according to the appropriate instructional strategy. We will be able to create an instructional video with a rich learning experience that is an engaging, motivational and inspiring.


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