Instructional Strategy for Online Learning

Welcome, 2019! Before I go further let’s ponder on the quote below.

“No one can teach, if by teaching we mean the transmission of knowledge, in any mechanical fashion, from one person to another. The most that can be done is that one person who is more knowledgeable than another can, by asking a series of questions, stimulate the other to think, and so cause him to learn for himself.” ~ Socrates

What I understand from the quote above is, the more we teach, the more we learn. We cannot be an effective teacher from overnight experience. We need to engage in a series of teaching session to know what is the best method of teaching for our learners. The emergence of new technology has affected the teaching method. The Internet has given educators to explore new ways of teaching, on what we called as blended-learning or online learning and any other related terms.

If you were asked to teach online, how is it going to be? What is the strategy? And How to strategize it? The design of lesson in the virtual environment needs to be engaging and highly interactive to maintain a high retention rate to the online learners. We cannot just ‘dump’ the content in the learning management system to deliver the skill and knowledge to the learners, the crucial parts we have to consider is the instructional strategy, which can be explored through the procedural task analysis process. The example of the flowcharts below shows a configuration of procedural task analysis flowchart that represents an instructional strategy (IS) that can be used as part of the lesson design activity for online learning.

Through proper planning on the IS with the guide from the procedural task analysis flowchart, will enable us to apply in the LMS as either the content structure or the ‘lesson plan’.

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