EDU 4.0, are we ready? With the evolution of Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 and moving forward to Web 4.0. Based on the Chart from the Radar Networks and Nova Spivack (2007), each of the trends shows an average of 10 years of changing. Gradual changes from desktop to Web OS will affect the teaching and learning scenario. Learners will be more independent and personalise. As new technology progress, we cannot deny our learner’s preferences, and perhaps we need to go back to basic by reflecting on the questions at the micro level:
1. Can our learners cope with the ‘new’ learning strategies?
2. How do educators ‘survive’ in the new ‘learning environment’ concerning formulating the new instructional strategy?

Download the Current Status on EDU 4.0 for Higher Education here.

By Tipping Mind

Dr Zahari Hamidon is currently an Associate Professor at Cluster of Education and Social Sciences | Learning Technology at Open University Malaysia. He is a Head of Centre for Learning Technology and a Program Director for Master of Instructional Design and Technology (MIDT), Open University Malaysia

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