Does the colour in the interface design affect the learning task?

The study done by Zahari Hamidon, Abdullah Md. Noor & Raja Maznah Raja Hussain entitled Students’ Cultural Perception towards the design of the ICDM by Zahari Hamidon, Abdullah Md. Noor & Raja Maznah Raja Hussain.

The study that investigated the effects of interface design element on students from different ethnic groups focuses on the effects of colours and graphics on the users (students). The analyses suggest that despite no relationship between the colours and the ethnic values. There is a little or almost no evidence showing the relationships between the usability attributes and the student’s belief in colours that reflect their ethnic culture, the data yields five outcomes.

  1. The colour that does not affect the cultural values does not affect their learning task.
  2. The colours that affect the personal and emotional values do not affect the learning task.
  3. The learning task can be affected by the students’ favourite colours in its relationship to their ethnical, cultural values.
  4. The relationship can be seen between colours and personal values and
  5. The relationship can be seen between colours and emotional values.
    Note: This paper has been presented in International Symposium on E-Learning (ISEL) 2005, 25-26 July 2005, Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia organised by Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

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