Gamification in teaching and learning

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While browsing the Internet looking for the latest news on gamification in teaching and learning, I found a useful site at Education Executive on the article entitled: The prominence of gamification in education.

The growth of gamification is profoundly emerged due to the capability of the software that can easily embrace gamification in its design. Gamification has been there in education, and I think, the educators and the learners, especially in Malaysia, are ready for it. Of course, the new solution will create new problems but as stated by Carl Sheen Education Executive (March 2018), head of training and product development at Genee World, (as cited Education Executive (March 2018) “gamification is not new in teaching and learning, however, the increased use of technology in classrooms and an increased focus on embedding game mechanics in edtech means that it’s reaching new levels”.

Education Executive (March, 2018).The prominence of gamification in education. Retrieved from

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