IMG_E0546I have a long body with thousands of legs. I  creep very slow to reach the top of the stairs. Even though my head is at the top but my anal segment is still at the bottom of the stairs. To achieve my mission to the top my entire trunk needs to pass the top of the stairs and my head needs to be way forward. My tergites need to engage with many tasks; each task has different challenges. Each of my legs needs to creep the staircase carefully, not to slip away from the direction, so that I will be able to produce meaningful outcomes.

Just imagine you are a millipede. If you are given a task to do, with all hardship, do you think you can do it? Lesson learned from this story is, as a teacher, if you want to design the lesson, you need to consider your student ability and their other preferences. To create an effective instructional strategy, one of the knowledge you need to explore is Task Analysis.

By Tipping Mind

Dr Zahari Hamidon is currently an Associate Professor at Cluster of Education and Social Sciences | Learning Technology at Open University Malaysia. He is a Head of Centre for Learning Technology and a Program Director for Master of Instructional Design and Technology (MIDT), Open University Malaysia

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