Why is task analysis important in teaching and learning?

IMG_E0573Previously we have discussed skill hierarchy. After laying out the skill and knowledge (S/K), now its time to perform task analysis, so what is task analysis. Basically, Task analysis is the process of breaking a skill into smaller, more manageable steps to teach the skill (Szidon & Franzone, 2010). The task analysis is used to organize the activity, appropriate to the skill and knowledge. Below are the steps to perform the task analysis.

1. Make a list of skill and knowledge (my previous article on Skill Hierarchy will be helpful)
2. Select the learning objective (learning objective will give you insight on the S/K)
3. Based on the S/K start to identify types of activity
4. Make a list of activity based on S/K
5. Organize the activity (in other words, “write a lesson plan”)
6. Based on the lesson plan draw a task analysis diagram

Image source: In Zahari Hamidon (2018). Online learning – Instructional strategy matters [Keynote Speaker] on 10 September 2018. Learning Resources Festival. International Medical University (IMU), Bukit Jalil Campus. 9-11 September 2018.

Through task analysis, you will be able to deliver the S/K effectively which will give impact to the learning outcomes.


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