img_e0124.jpgOur child now is surrounded with technology, they get immersed in the Internet, communication gets faster. Their consciousness to look for information is prominent for them rather than actually knowing for something. On a positive side, we may use it to strengthen their higher order thinking skill such as critical thinking, problem-solving etc. I believe, teaching nowadays is more challenging because our child is better than us in using technology. Children tend to imitate whatever they see. This reminds me of the Bobo Doll experiment by Albert Bandura. So as a teacher what more we can do for the best of our learners. Do you think that as technology progress, the learning regress?

By Tipping Mind

Dr Zahari Hamidon is currently an Associate Professor at Cluster of Education and Social Sciences | Learning Technology at Open University Malaysia. He is a Head of Centre for Learning Technology and a Program Director for Master of Instructional Design and Technology (MIDT), Open University Malaysia

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