Application of Micro-learning In Structured OER (SOER) for Online Learning

Zahari Hamidon

Mohamad Zahili Ramly

In today’s world, learners who are rapid in a self-pacing, tight schedule, and involves in a multiple tasks job are in favour to types of learning that is short with a quickly absorbs learning resources at a specific learning point. The content delivery relies on the complexity of the concept of the content itself. The learning structure needs to reflect the ordered relationship of intellectual skill (as stated by Jonassen, Hannum & Tessmer, 1989 p. 38). The tasks laid out in the learning structure depend on the complexity of the content. The content that reflects the skill and knowledge needs to be organized in an orderly and logical manner based on the level to create a clear learning path. The need for direct guidance is crucial in online learning. Kirschner, Sweller, and Clark (2006) conversely define direct guidance instruction as “providing information that fully explains the concepts and procedures that students are required to learn.” (As stated in Hmelo-Silver, Duncan & Chinn, 2007) The project aims to design a MOOC course that is delivered entirely online. The project is also intent on exploring the micro-learning techniques applied in the course design. Most of the content in the courses are OER that are structured (structured OER) through a procedural task analysis technique according to a planned instructional strategy. The numbers of topics are limited to two (2) for each course. Most of the content in the learning structure contains OER by creative commons (CC) license that can be shared, reused and remix. Micro-learning techniques are used to formulate the framework of the entire instructional system from enrolment to certification. The outcome of this project is an initial learning prototype on an instructional design course delivered via a Moodle-based learning management system, so-called as TippingMind School of Learning (TMSOL).


Open Educational Resources (OER), Structured Open Educational Resources (SOER), Micro-learning, MOOC,  Lesson Design, Instructional Design for Online learning.


Award: Gold Award
Zahari Hamidon & Mohamad Zahili Ramly (2020). Application of Micro-learning In Structured OER (SOER) for Online Learning. The Virtual National e-Content Development Competition 2020 11th- 20th OCTOBER 2020 Organized by Institute of Continuing Education & Professional Studies (ICEPS), UITM, Malaysia.

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