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At the end of my article entitled “The cycle of skill & knowledge (s/k) in the learning process,” I raised my curiosity about the teacher’s expectation should be followed up by the student’s hope that will lead to a meaningful learning outcome. Perhaps the significant outcomes may show how far the learners will go in achieving the course learning outcomes.

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In my study on the application of experiential learning in my article entitled “The Learner’s Engagement in the Learning Process designed based on the Experiential Learning theory……“, I inferred that there is the significant drop on numbers of hours in engagement in online activities in the Transform Experience (TE). The data reflects opportunities for learners to adjust their learning experiences that lead to autonomous learning.

By Tipping Mind

Dr Zahari Hamidon is currently an Associate Professor at Cluster of Education and Social Sciences | Learning Technology at Open University Malaysia. He is a Head of Centre for Learning Technology and a Program Director for Master of Instructional Design and Technology (MIDT), Open University Malaysia

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