Malaysian Delight … “Kuih Kochi”

What do you have for your breakfast and evening ‘snack’? Have you heard about one of the famous Malaysian delights; “Kuih Kochi”? “[Kuih]: pronounced as ‘Kue’ or the closest word in English is ‘dumpling’ [Kochi] is popular in most of the Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Singapore. It is popular among the “Malays” in Asian countries and ‘Nyonya Peranakan’. You might agree with me if I said, “Kuih Kochi is for all” in Asian countries due to it being available everywhere, anytime in Asia.

Kuih Kochi made from glutinous rice flour and filled with coconut fillings. It is wrapped beautifully in a banana leaf and steamed. The appearance reflects Asian culture, especially among Malays, where most of them treat it as ‘should have’ in the festive season. Usually, it is eaten for the whole day, but most of them prefered take it during breakfast. From my personal view, Kuih Kochi is food consumed by almost all community in Asian countries which can be a symbol of Unity and Harmony, where we have the same taste, same ‘views‘ even though we practice different values.

How it is made? View the YouTube video below by iCook Asia

Thanks to iCook Asia for the video

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