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SDG on ICT in Education in the Malaysian Context. A Short Review

ICT can improve the pedagogy and the learning outcomes in many ways such as through the development of skill, creation of new services, innovation and automation. Venturing in ICT is vital in supporting the advancement of SDGs, especially in education, innovation and infrastructure. SDG is expected the give a significant impact on sustainability through ICT.

In terms of application in teaching and learning, ICT through appropriate strategies can be a medium to make learning happen. With 28.7 million (87.4%) Internet users in 2018 ( Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission(MCMC), 2018) shows that the Internet has penetrated to almost all people in Malaysia regardless of their types of activities. MCMC also reported that in 2018, 88.6% of places to access the Internet are at Home and 68.1% are at On-the-go.


Internet Users Survey 2018: Infographic JAN 11, 2019 Copyright © 2019 Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)


With this statistical evidence, learners are open to big data which enable them to explore more activities related to SDG. Hence will allow the educator to demonstrate an innovative way of teaching through dynamic learning design and appropriate pedagogical tools. In Malaysia, the practice of the use of ICT in teaching and learning are seen through the online content sharing behaviour that may lead to the achievement of the awareness on the key sustainable issues.

ICT is also powerful pedagogical tools to raise awareness on key sustainability issues, such as human rights, peace and non-violence, global citizenship, multiculturalism, gender equity, etc. (Colas, 2019)

So how can ICT be aligned to SDG in teaching and learning?  First, do we have any evidence in terms of policy? Yes, we have it as stated in the DOSM report as below:

To achieve this agenda, Malaysia has been proactive in implementing the 2030 Agenda nationally. The National SDGs Council, chaired by the Prime Minister of Malaysia was established to plan and monitor the SDGs implementation. The Council is supported by a National Steering Committee (NSC), chaired by Secretary-General of Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA) to formulate SDGs Roadmap, monitor the progress of targets, identify issues and report to the Council (DOSM, 2018)

Second, Do the learners in Malaysia ready to practice ICT that is aligned to SDG? Yes, the infrastructure and the content are widely available.


Internet Users Survey 2018: Infographic JAN 11, 2019 Copyright © 2019 Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)

With 71,3% of educational contents shared, I think we will be able to achieve most of the indicators in the 17 SDGs. All this can be achieved if ICT is aligned to SDG. MCMC (2018) reported on the type of online content shared shows 71.3% of educational content and 69.6% of the content shared is from the entertainment and humorous content. Department of Statistic Malaysia (DOSM) (2018) conclude on the outcome of the 11th Malaysia Plan’s mapping activities stated that SDG is integrated and balances the three dimensions of sustainable development; social, environmental and economical with Social (56%) with 137 indicators, 24% on Environmental with 58 indicators and 20% on Economic with 49 indicators


Department of Statistic Malaysia (DOSM) (December 2018). Copyright 2081 DOSM

This article intent to triggers ideas to look at what we have in the current settings in formulating possible means to the creation of a workable framework in integrating SDG into ICT on its application in teaching and learning. At this stage, as for me, I still need to do more needs analysis on what has been practice so far. So, any disagreement on this article, suggestions and comments are most welcome.



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