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Visual arts and SDG…A short review

Before we go deeper into the formulation of the framework on the integration of Sustainable Development Goal(SDG) into Art Education, let us dive into two main areas of knowledge; application of visual arts and SDG.

Why is SDG important? As a human with different races, different skin colours, different ways of thinking and the most important is different culture and needs to survive in the real world, we are facing to challenges, inequalities and disasters in human rights, economic differences, and environmental ordeal. So how can art contribute to SDG?

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 In Malaysian context, art and SDG are seen in many areas, especially in the creative industry. The diverse culture is indirect affects to a cross-culture awareness amongst various races in Malaysia that lead to national unity, where people lives in harmony and understanding, which in line with the goals of SDG.

This will also give impacts to cultural infrastructure as a valuable resource for generating a source of income. In the Malaysian context, as highlighted in the Policy Statement by the Ministry of Information Communication and Culture (2018 p.27) stated that the nation’s creative industry needs to be empowered based on creativity and innovation to contribute to the high-income economy through the production of quality products and upholding the cultural arts heritage. This is also appeared to be inline with the SDG.

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In terms of application, visual arts practices in Malaysia, Swee-Foong Liau (2018 p. 246) stated that the arts education is an integral part of the school curriculum as well as an essential component in the educational program contributes to the areas of self-expression, self-esteem, aesthetic awareness, social and cognitive growth in students.

As a whole, in Malaysia, art and SDG are directly embedded in the educational system for quite a long time. In other words, the application of SDG in arts is not new in Malaysia. This article is just a short note, to observe and identify a precise component of applications of SDG in art education in Malaysia. More studies, especially in mapping the existing practices at the micro-level of schooling to the Sustainable Development Goals Pyramid below to formulate a meaningful framework for the application of art education inline with SDG.

Sustainable Development Goals Pyramid
Sustainable Development Goals Pyramid United in Diversity [CC BY-SA 4.0](]
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