Importance of Learning Hierarchy Analysis

This article discussed the instructional design process in the design phase focuses on the task analysis process; skill hierarchy and procedural task analysis

Step 1 – Identify Topic

You need to layout entire topics in the courses and start thinking of writing the Terminal Objective (TO), the learning objectives that cover the skill and knowledge in the whole course and Enabling Objective (EO) the specific learning objectives that cover particular skill in the sub-tree of the content structure.

Content Structure

Writing a learning objective is easy as ABCD


Step 2
Perform Skill Hierarchy 

  • Step 1 – Write the lesson objective (Terminal Objective (TO))
  • Step 2 – Identify Skill and Knowledge according to the learning objective
  • Step 3 – Create a list of skill and knowledge (S/K)
  • Step 4 – Organize and arrange the S/K according to level in form of diagram 
  • Outcome: Skill hierarchy diagram

Arrange the skill and knowledge (S/K) according to LEVEL (from easy to difficult)

The SH diagram shows an S/K has been arranged in LEVEL. The high the level, the skill became difficult. Once you have learned the skill in the higher level, the lower level becomes a pre-requisite. Sometimes there are different sets of S/K (refer to diagram 3), which is arranged either at the same level or vice versa.

Diagram 3: SH diagram with different sets of S/K
Diagram 4: SH diagram with two sets of skill and learning path

With SH diagram you will be able to:
1. Specify the level of S/K
2. Determine the size of S/K to be delivered to the learner
3. Determine the ENTRY LEVEL of the learner. Example if the student have done Level 2 their next entry level is Level 3
4. Specify the learning path that will guide, which S/K you want to deliver first and which one later.
5. Specify the timeframe to deliver the S/K.

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