What is Concept Art?

Image 1: Ideas on Concept Art by Zahari Hamdon

Concept art is a form of illustration used to convey an idea for use in films, video games, animation, comic books, or other media before it is put into the final product (Wikipedia, 2018).

The process of producing the concept art started from ideas that reflect the story, derived from either the real tale such as novel or folklore or anything that comes across the artist mind such as fantasy etc.

Concept art span from the progressive ideas (stylization) to realism usually based on the requirement by the producer, if its intention is for filming or animation. Perhaps the most important criteria before the production of concept art are by studying the elements of staging.

I think the best approach in developing ideas is, artist need to be sensitive with the visual around us. Observe on the unique visual around you and take a photograph, based on the visual you can start your sketches and develop your ideas from there (as shown in Image 1)


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