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Dr Zahari Hamidon is currently an Associate Professor at Cluster of Education and Social Sciences | Learning Technology at Open University Malaysia. He is a Program Director for Master of Instructional Design and Technology (MIDT),Open University Malaysia

Importance of Learning Hierarchy Analysis

Introduction This article discussed the instructional design process in the design phase focuses on the task analysis process; skill hierarchy and procedural task analysis Step 1 – Identify Topic You need to […]

Are you ready to be an online learner?

  Image by Giulia Forsythe – Blended Learning Panel @richardgorrie et al [visual notes] #oucel12 License: Public Domain as stated in Nowadays, online learning is happening everywhere. Most of the learning […]

Do you think that as technology progress, the learning regress?

Our child now is surrounded with technology, they get immersed in the Internet, communication gets faster. Their consciousness to look for information is prominent for them rather than actually knowing for something. […]

Once upon a time….far far away ….teaching and learning is…?

I’m curious, do you know that when is the beginning of teaching and learning in human?  I heard that the human starts learning in the womb of his/her mother, but how about […]

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